Previously, your mission with Bizi started here  ……..


Transported in the nick of time, but to where? Sometimes you don’t get to choose…Teleportation these days is still so 2.0… Sigh…. 

It’s a bit of a drag because you now find yourself on a hostile planet face to face to with something that’s looking kinda grumpy!

Fortunately, you have your Pleiades Palermo Chico silver leather cross body frame satchel. Thank goodness for the detachable cross body traps that keep things hands free and mirror appliqués with a view to what could kill you. Genius space aged design.

Palermo Chico is the perfect size for a girl on a mission, big enough to store all the essentials in the inside zip pocket but small enough to keep you light and mobile when you need it.


The silver pebbled leather keeps you looking good while the hand forged metal frame and the four feet on the bottom of the bag also function as practical alien defense weapons as that last sleestak you encountered will attest!

With a few turns of the mirrored Lucite accents, you create a laser sharp reflective beam that keeps you out of harm’s way. No sweat; even enough time to check your lipstick before calling the agency for your next assignment….

Frazzled yet? 

Not a chance sister, Bizi has you looking good! Real good.

Nobody does it as good as you,

Makes us feel sorry for the rest…

With a Bizi Pleiades bag,

Baby, you’re the best!

Arm yourself now with Bizi!