Have we met before?  


You’re all about that playful collision of classic and contemporary topped off with a shock of bold, quirky charm.

You have an affection for mixing things up and with your penchant for adornment, it’s the special details and thoughtful accents that make your style, unpredictable, optimistic, and just a tad unplaceable!  

Sound like you?  


Then read on, sistah….  


The Bizi brand is inspired by designer Meredith Wilkins’ fondness for travel, spontaneous new adventures (As in … Hola! Here I am Argentina!) and the energetic explosion of color compositions she finds in the indigenous textile work throughout Latin America. Toss in a little belle epoque French architecture with the vibrant contemporary art so abundant in Buenos Aires, and the result is a handbag and accessories label that positively pops with imagination and whimsy, while remaining grounded in the same strength and confidence that makes you a FORCE to be reckoned with! 

Crafted in Argentina using colorful leathers, custom prints, and hand-forged hardware, Bizi creates pieces for women with outgoing personalities. 




The name Bizi (pronounced Bee Zee) is the affectionate Argentine nickname for Meredith’s boisterous rescue mutt Biscuit, who cleverly contrived the transition from doggie jail to a cush life of cafe hopping in the barrio of Palermo…with the occasional modeling gig.  Canine genius!




To say I started my business off on the wrong foot is somewhat of an understatement. After many years of working in technology and real estate in Virginia,  I knew it was time to honor the creative side of myself that had been suffering in blue suits and Monday meetings for far too long.

So over a decade ago I made a change.

I joyfully plotted the steps towards creating a new career in design, and embraced this adventure brimming with uncertainty and new realities.

Finally, I knew what I really wanted to pursue in my life! And I was ready to launch my accessories business full time!  


Then…. disaster struck….


No sooner had I positioned myself for this new journey, my world turned upside down with a severely debilitating mystery illness that only years later was correctly diagnosed as Lyme disease. (Ain’t nobody got time for that!)

This was not a welcome surprise for a happily over-scheduled type A personality who ran, and rode horses regularly and had just built a home!

And while it broke my heart, this project was relegated to the dust bin. Getting better became my most important job. Although frustrated, the ideas for this project didn’t stop and instead became a major source of comfort and motivation to see me through.

These darker days had me craving all things playful, vibrant and cheerful; qualities I found expressed in vintage textiles collected from previous trips and through my growing interest in contemporary art. Both are sources I continue to reference and channel into my design work, especially now, living in South America.

While for me this positive new focus has been a downright medicinal, and I think we all benefit from injecting as much of the whimsical, vibrant + otherworldly that we can into our daily lives!

So count on Bizi for accessories that do just that for you, and expect others to marvel + behold your style with delight!