As temps have plummeted up North let’s have a look at how Argentine designers will keep you looking cool while warming you up! Here are some of my favorite jackets from this last season in Buenos Aires, a few of which will work beautifully in almost any climate.  

TROSMAN Leather Jacket Spring Summer

 Leather Jacket above by Jessica Trosman 

Jessica Trosman is a true innovator when it comes to sculpting leather/fabric onto the body. Her focus on   volume, texture, color and print collectively result in extremely organic and unique looking pieces.
Luz BALLESTRO leather jacket

 Love this jacket by emerging designer Luz Ballestro with an interesting, but subtle touch of white gold imprint on light weight faux suede and contrasting silk sleeves. Her clothes are easy going, comfortable, and chic.

TRAMANDO leather jacket

             Photo: http://fashionforwardarg.blogspot.com.ar/2011/02/tramando-en-bafweek.html

 This lightweight jacket above by Tramando looks like it is made from a metallic grape colored suede, however  Martin Churba, the designer & owner of Tramando is known for re-imagining fabrics in such a unique way, through print design, + treatment with materials such as latex or plastics so that what looks like leather sometimes is actually something altogether different and futuristic looking. 

Cora Groppa

                             Photo: http://www.lindelepalais.com/en-US/product/11936

 The brand  Cora Groppo eschews color season after season, but never fear their clothes and for me especially their jackets are always edgy, and architectural, and well tailored.  Here are some more styles from Cora Groppo….

CORA GroppoPhoto: http://www.mrtouche.com/2012/03/baf-week-2012-buenos-aires-fashion-week.html



CORA Groppo

                                                          Photo: http://www.lindelepalais.com

 Love this one above because while it has a classic cut, it has the most amazing fabric, that looks almost like a vintage patent snake skin that has been well worn. 


And then WOW! I never saw did see this heavy leather jacket by Jessica Trosman in her stores in Argentina (and believe me I was looking,) but I do wonder who were the wise and fortunate souls that snagged this unique work of art!  Oh Jessica, if you’re listening would you please make just one more?

And finally,

Photo:   http://www.designer-marken.com/Trosman-Fashion-und-Shop-Kollektion.html

The jacket de resistance….also by Jessica Trosman which is perfect for those of you who are just a little more daring or stylishly evolved!  I adore the colorful leather/fabric treatment and the volume that gives this jacket an out of this world look and feel.

Super linda Jessica T!

En fin, if you were to jet down to Argentina this weekend, which of these lovelies would you be taking home with you?

Let me know your top picks below!

Happy shopping!

xoxox Mere & Bizi