Beatriz Milhazes at the MALBA

Beatriz Milhazes, one of Brazil’s most popular contemporary artists recently wrapped up her solo exhibition at the Museo MALBA en Buenos Aires.  There is no mistaking Brazil’s vibrant influence of color, nature and pattern in her work. The most crabby and stressed out among us will be immediately transformed into happier souls with just a few short minutes among her large scale paintings. I am always energized and enjoy being surrounded by color, and so for me there is something down-right medicinal in her work.



Before entering into Beatriz’s fantasy hall of paintings, you are greeted with a jungle like waterfall installation of golden beads and pink flowers. I dig!






















And then….the floral candy colored explosions begin……




Here is a short video of the MALBA exhibition from VEARTV, that will give you a better feel for the scale of her work, plus a few more paintings I couldn’t sneaky snap.

So how about you? Could you live with and around this much color and pattern? Would you be energized or driven insane?

Lastly, l’ll leave you with one of the more tranquil, peaceful paintings in her exhibit.