Vamos al Tigre!

When you need an easy escape from the urban jungle of Buenos Aires hop on the fast train or the slower more scenic “Tren de la Costa” and in about an hour you will arrive in Tigre, a delta town on the Rio Parana and Rio Lujan. In the early 1900’s Tigre served as the preferred vacation spot for Buenos Aires wealthiest, whose influence gave rise to historical buildings such as the Belle Epoque Museo de Arte Tigre that I have snapped below.

To really see and experience Tigre you’ll need a boat so grab an antique wooden river taxi and cruise through the maze of the endless tree lined secluded canals which offer Tigre residents total peace and privacy.

There has been more development here in recent years, but often with preservation in mind to attract the ecologically minded. And as construction materials must be brought by boat, growth has been slower and most areas still remain beautifully secluded. Many homes don’t have electricity, so an escape to Tigre is a true detox from Buenos Aires with lots of outdoor activities like fishing, kayaking, rowing, and jet-skiing. While everyone happily swims in the water, and they swear to me that the crocodiles are further upstream and “no pasa nada,” I’m still not sure I want to jump in. I have also learned  that here, “no pasa nada” generally means that very thing  you don’t want to happen is probably about to happen.

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