Because leather is a natural product please be aware that minor irregularities do occur  in materials that are nature made. This is considered normal and not a defect of the product. If there are gross irregularities or defects upon opening your item we ask that you please call us to ask for a merchant return authorization so we can refund or exchange your item.

All leather may wrinkle in its own unique way depending on how it is used and worn over time.

Please note discoloration can occur if leather is exposed to high heat or humidity. Therefore store bags covered in a cool dry environment away from direct sunlight.

Please do NOT use leather cleaning products on non-vegetable died leathers. Many of Bizi’s bags are made using leathers with custom prints or finishes and these products may damage the leather and/or affect the print.

We recommend a damp, flannel cloth to remove any stains or smudges. If you stain your bag there are some specialty repair companies that may be able to assist you further in restoration.


Although we use special metallic baths to prevent any rapid tarnishing, exposure to certain levels of humidity, and chemicals in the air (like those found in beauty/nails salons) can tarnish hardware, therefore we cannot guarantee that no tarnishing will occur over time. If this should happen, we recommend you speak with a trusted area jeweler or silver dealer for gentle products that will remove tarnish with a soft cloth.

Fingerprints not wiped off over time sometimes can lead to tarnishing as well. Therefore it is best to wipe down hardware periodically with a soft cloth and lightly buff to prevent any residue buildup and subsequent tarnishing.

Even in challenging cases, a professional polishing solution usually restores hardware to its former color and shine.

Never use metal cleaning solutions that are highly abrasive.