Hugo De Marziani,  Argentina, 1958

                                                                       via MACBA

Geometric abstractionism has once again come in to serious focus in Argentina with the 2012 opening of the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Telmo, Buenos Aires whose permanent and rotating collections feature internationally acclaimed geometric abstractionists from Argentina as well as  U.S., Europe and elsewhere in Latin America. If you are visiting in Buenos Aires, the MACBA is delightful, color filled time well spent and THE new must for museum goers.




                                        Leon Polk Smith, USA, 1973

                                                         via MACBA


Graciela Hesper

                                                             Graciela Hesper

                                                                 via MACBA

Geometric abstract forms and art have also been recently influencing fashion design through optical prints, shapes and embellishments.  For my last collection and one that I am currently working on, I have drawn a lot of inspiration from this resurgent trend in art and design.


sarah morris


                                                           Sarah Morris, “Neon,”  2000 

                                                                           via Retitle


I have put together a short video compilation of some of my favorite geometric works here in Buenos Aires as well as a few by artist Sarah Morris (USA). Many of these can be seen in person at the MACBA or in local galleries/shows throughout Buenos Aires. Hopefully the free downloadable music in the background won’t hurt your ears! I think its kinda jazzy myself! ;o) And if you were wondering why you should watch a non animal video on the interwebs, rest assured it does contain a dog. ;o)



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