Lasers, Tootsie Rolls & Bizi, OH MY!


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They’re the greatest thing since “food additives” and the agency is outfitting everything from sharks, to your space age Pleiades handbags and now … the International Space Station. Why in the world does the ISS need a “LAAAASER” beam? NASA claims it’s for environmental studies… 


Something’s earthbound this agency doesn’t like the looks of.

Your new mission is to pay a visit to ISS, install and test this new laser without the astronauts suspecting anything. Even THEY don’t have your kinda clearance and technological know how.  ;o) You rocket on up, after all teleportation would beg too many questions and the astronauts greet you and put you to work on their tax payer funded “assignment” testing how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop…..IN SPACE!

So you oblige them to maintain your cover, but sneak out to perform the secret laser installation when they are snug as a bug in their cozy zip up sleeping bags.


You have no time to rest, so you reach for your Pleiades Alvear silver leather shoulder bag b/c it has all the tools necessary to test the ISS laser and teleport the data back to the  agency…in a jiffy. The slim shape lets you glide effortlessly and weightlessly through the stars and encapsulates just the right tools for the project at hand. The lucite mirror appliques transmits crucial data back to headquarters, who confirms you’re right on time and successful. Natch!             

          Bizi Alvear Silver Shoulder Bag Clutch

The astronauts are about to awaken, you’re tired, but it’s back to a few days more of measuring licks to the center of a tootsie roll pop….in space! … a pretty slack but sweet assignment before your voyage home Soyez style.

Nobody does it as good as you,

Makes us feel sorry for the rest…

With a Bizi Pleiades bag,

Baby, you’re the best!

Arm yourself now with Bizi!