Why d’ya have to be so good?


Selected for the agency’s top-secret deep space program, you have redefined the office commute.

Extra-ordinary dangers await you daily, from clandestine operatives to extra-terrestrial forces. It’s enough to stress any girl out, but you take it in stride, you do it so well you make 007 blush!

You are armed to the teeth, but not with any ordinary weapon, you have your Bizi Pleiades Palermo silver leather satchel by your side. Together, you breeze on in to a Paris gallery opening which you’ve been informed is a front, and get to work amongst the most interesting mix of individuals.

      Palermo -Pleiades Collection
There is much to do, and information to ascertain, but with the knock out
you’ll be incognito….as all eyes are on your bag!
But two hours into the evening and the party is filled with spies, are they on to you?
…its time to move….
You access what is hidden in plain sight on your Bizi satchel, the Lucite mirror accent acts as a keypad. The four feet on the bottom of the bag keep you balanced as you slip your hand into the inside zipper pocket so stealthily it makes ol’ Q jealous he didn’t think of it first…
With the rapid stroke of the geometric lucite mirror keypad, in a sequence known only to you,
you open a portal to another dimension.
You are transported in the nick of time….
Nobody does it as good as you,
Makes us feel sorry for the rest…
With your Bizi Pleiades bag,
Baby, you’re the best!
Arm yourself now with Bizi!