Picked up a brush

So I decided to start painting again this past year after not having painted since high school. And sadly, that indeed was a LOOOONG time ago! Then, I mostly painted with watercolors. My mom began oil painting after retirement and has produced some impressive works in the short time she has been painting which inspired me to try it out again.

This time I have switched to using mostly acrylics which have been much more forgiving than watercolors. I began with abstracts to just get the creative painting juices flowing again, but naturally the first portrait I had to attempt would be the fabulosa MISS BIZ who is quite the little poser!
Bizi posing by her portrait
Still haven’t finished this painting of the Biz because I became interested in other painting projects (art ADD) which I will share with you down the road. But below is my first attempt at a “people” portrait, which is based on a photo from my Grandma & Grandad’s 50th anniversary party which was a blast!

50th Anniversary Portrait

They both enjoyed wearing the silly party hats I made for their big night. My Grandaddy was a fighter pilot in WW2, who after being shot down in the Med, was rescued and nursed back to health by none other than this beautiful army nurse.

Grandma’s eternal trademark champagne spill seen here on her dress, means they were getting kinda LOCO and here she was holding back tears of laughter! However, upon seeing this painting she was NOT pleased with my inclusion of that particular detail and ordered me to remove it which I WILL NOT! Anyway, these two never cease to inspire! Love them dearly and always have had a ball having them as my grandparents!