Running errands in the barrio of Palermo, I happened upon this random, colorful jolt of happiness. I can’t imagine how long it takes people to knit these all together, but I love that they do it just because….. This knit bomb exhibition can be seen while it lasts on the streets of Cervino y Lafinur.

In the following trailer you can briefly spy this same area of Calle Cervino and even more so in the film “Assassination Tango” with actor Robert Duvall. I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it and have any interest in Argentina or dance. Along with beautiful shots of all the Belle Epoque homes and architecture Buenos Aires is famous for, you also get realistic glimpses of the decay one might expect after so many financial meltdowns.

Another thing I love about this movie is the absence of the cheesy stereotypical Hollywood version of tango.  Tis the real deal. And in real life, Duvall married his lovely dance partner in the movie played by Luciana Pedraza. Check it out here: