For Stealing Christmas Dinners 




This lil’ nuggets name is Luz! She was an orphaned Brazilian beach babe, scooped up from off the beaches there by an Argentine couple who took pity on her. She is our chica de Ipanema, but she does not “walk like a samba, nor does she sway so gently!” Rather, she is an action packed tiny powerhouse, flying through the air like Wonder Woman, a feat which continues to amaze since she weighs about a bag of bricks. Add in some of the sharpest finger nails in the barrio and she can carve your turkey in 5 seconds flat. Guard your laps + guard your Christmas dinners because she is out and about in Palermo and ready to devour all she can! If she looks kinda shady, she totally is, but we love our Luchi full of personality, kisses and probably about 10 stolen empanadas in her belly at any given moment. Such inspiration deserved a painting! 

photo 2-2

Here she is with her new adoptive mom pretending to be a sweetie,

while she secretly plots her next culinary heist.

Dog Painting

 Lastly, here is my portrait of Señorita Luz with her puppies, looking a bit perplexed and concerned by what just happened. Besos Luzi!!!