Previously, your adventure with Bizi began HERE.


And just when you thought you could play amongst the stars….the agency calls.

Your next assignment?

Space spelunking + collection of rare rainbow minerals deep underground on Planet X.   

Collecting sounds easy enough… you certainly have excelled at collecting the most exquisite + special handbags this side of the solar system…and besides, the word is that when these rare rainbow minerals are subjected to high temps.  a little thing like the world’s energy problems will be solved ….

Sounds kinda plausible right? So you accept!

This mission will call for your Bizi Llao Llao tote bag whose large size and detachable shoulder strap allows for easy mining and transport of these heavy rare rainbow minerals. The perfectly placed mirrored geometric shapes coalesce to produce an energy field that envelops and shields you from any heavy metal vapors and bad vibes as your bore your way through Planet X’s cantankerous crust.  


And as usual, your mission is beautifully accomplished.

Global energy crises, solved!

That project was a doozy, but remember….

Nobody does it as good as you,

Makes us feel sorry for the rest…

With a Bizi Pleiades bag,

Baby, you’re the best!


Arm yourself now with Bizi!